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nikiti housesStamatis Houses in Nikiti - About our company nikiti housesStamatis Houses in Nikiti - About our company

Nikiti Houses - About our company

STAMATIS Constructions

Our family-run company works in Nikiti, Sithonia since 1995.

The fields of our activities are house construction and real estate sales.

Stamatis constructions office
Our office on the main road
in Nikiti

Our company philosophy places special emphasis on being available for our customers before and after the deal – therefore we work exclusively in or close to Nikiti where we also have our office.

house with garden nikiti
house with garden nikiti

The policy of our firm is
- to build good quality homes,
- to sell them at a fair price and
- to assist our clients from the moment they decide to purchase a STAMATIS-House to after-sale-service.

We provide a variety of house-types, individual changes of furnishings are possible according to the progress of construction.

And in case you decide to aquire a plot of land we will provide our experience to plan and construct your dream-house from scratch.

You will find our office about 10m before the traffic lights on the main road in Nikiti, directly next to the pharmacy.

Our office in Nikiti

stamatis office in nikiti
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